Farmhouse Shelving Ideas

Are you into the farmhouse style and are on the lookout for the right storage solution? It sounds like you may require farmhouse shelving ideas.
Heavy-duty shelving offers functionality for any home, office, or space when it comes to storage and organization. The reason why today we’ll be telling you about different farmhouse shelving ideas.

Shelving can be the perfect way to organize and protect your stuff. However, when looking to achieve a farmhouse style, you need to focus on fresh, clean simplicity, which evokes life on the farm.
Look for pieces that not only offer to store your items but also those that work with the rest of your décor.

Whether you’re organizing or storing household supplies, ensuring quality is also crucial. And with so many options, it can become overwhelming to make the right choice. So we are here to help and point you in the right direction by giving you some of the best farmhouse shelving ideas that will offer the storage you’ve been looking for.

Farmhouse Shelving Ideas FAQ’s

What is a classic farmhouse style?

Farmhouse style uses a palette of white with rustic wood finishes. Many of these shelf ideas start with weathered wood. Vintage wood is a popular style, as are chunky wall shelves look like the exposed beams in an authentic farmhouse.

Which elements make a farmhouse style?

  • Wooden shelves
  • Hanging shelves on bathroom
  • Wall décor with shelves and pottery for dining room
  • Baskets for holding greenery
  • Rustic frames
  • Farmhouse wall with modern style

How can you make your shelves?

  • A conventional way of making shelves is to cut the wood into exact straight rectangles and squares and set up suiting the wall type.
  • These shelves can hold various materials such as vases, picture frames, small plants, or any other decorative material you love.
  • If you are low on money and want to save some bugs or use old lumber pieces as farmhouse shelves, it is not hard to implement.
  • Paint the wood available at home, do some sandpaper work and finally use antique stain to bring a beautiful, elegant look.
  • This can be used with suitable decorations as farm shelves at your convenient pattern.

What are some of the advantages of shelves?

Shelves are great for storage, and they’re just as great for displaying decorations and all sorts of other things. For example, you can hang a lovely farmhouse shelf in the bedroom, just above the bed, and turn it into a display area for posters, framed pictures, and artwork.

How can you turn new shelves into having a rustic look?

There are several ways to achieve that rustic, farmhouse look, even if your shelves are made of new lumber pieces. One option is to paint the wood and then use sandpaper to give it a time-worn look, and the other is to use antique stain.

Farmhouse Shelving Ideas

Industrial Pipe Shelving Wall

Iron pipe reclaimed natural pine wood and baking varnish. The 3-shelf design increases storage space. Suitable for living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen pantry, farmhouse, garage, office, laundry room, above the toilet.

Farmhouse Shelving Ideas: Industrial Pipe Shelving Wall


  • Rustic
  • Rectangular
  • Wood, Iron

QEEIG Bathroom Floating Shelves

Farmhouse brown wooden texture with black brackets is not only functional but also decorative. Put succulent plants, collectibles, small items, etc. A great addition for living room, bedroom, office.

Be a stunning addition to your kitchen, storing spices, pots, jars, coffee mugs, cans, seasoning bottles, etc. Use the metal bar to hanging kitchenware and rug.

In the bathroom, perfect choice for organizing toiletries, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toilet paper on board, and hanging towel with the rod.

Farmhouse Shelving Ideas: QEEIG Bathroom Floating Shelves


  • Metal wireframes
  • Premium engineered wood shelves boards
  • Country Rustic

Wall Mount Shelf Rustic Wood

The wall shelves are perfect for extending your room for storage on your walls if you live in a limited space. The simple design of these floating shelves would quickly go with a wide variety of home decorating styles.

These pre-assembled hanging shelves for walls are easy to mount, and the small parts for installation are included.

The depth of the wood board is more than 4.5 inches; it makes the wall-mounted storage shelves way more functional and valuable.

Farmhouse Shelving Ideas: Wall Mount Shelf Rustic Wood


  • Wood, Metal
  • Wall mount
  • Rectangular


It is constructed of solid wood, lightweight and sturdy, simple classic structure, beautiful antique color, offering a solid rustic style.

Features square and U shelves combination to meet diverse needs and flexible wall mounting, suit for grouping together or hang separately. They display collectibles, arts, crafts, picture frames, house plants, stuffed toys in the living room, bedroom, office, or home supplies in the bathroom or kitchen.

This floating wooden shelf set is beautifully painted in an antique finish and can be easily repainted to match any deco number of pieces.

Farmhouse Shelving Ideas: RR ROUND RICH DESIGN Wall Shelf


  • Country rustic style
  • Hexagonal
  • Wall mount

Modern Rustic All Wood Wall Shelves

Add a luxurious flair to your interiors with these rustic floating shelves. The shelf blends the natural with the industry with its beautiful wood and decorative cast iron corners.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space and increase storage space at the same time. Bring style into your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or home office with these shelves.

With innovative bracket mounting system makes these floating wood shelves easy to assemble. It also ensures the shelves lay flush against your walls for a clean, sleek look.

Farmhouse Shelving Ideas: Modern Rustic All Wood Wall Shelves


  • Smart bracket
  • Pine material
  • Rectangular

Additional Tips on Farmhouse Shelving Ideas

  • When decorating your home in farmhouse style, shelves, and wall place, you should not skip. Wooden shelves, vintage walls make everything looks so fresh, light, and peaceful.
  • One authentic touch from a historical farmhouse kitchen is the built-in wall rack for plates and cutting boards. This all-white wall shelf provides practical storage space while enhancing the farmhouse aesthetic of the kitchen.
  • Outside the kitchen and bathroom, these shelves are used for decorative items. Family photos and plants sit on most of these shelves.
  • The decorations are mainly white and cream-colored in keeping with the theme. Touches from the kitchen and the farm make their way onto shelves in other parts of the house.