Most Expensive Milkshake in the World and 5 more you should try

most expensive milkshake

Are you a milkshake lover and are in the search for your next recipe? Then you’ll probably be interested in learning about the world’s most expensive milkshake. So yes, for all the milkshake lovers out there, we’ll be telling you today about some of our favorite milkshakes drinks, including the most expensive milkshake in the … Read more

How to Keep Bacon Warm

how to keep bacon warm

Don’t’ you hate when you are looking forward to crispy, tasty, and delicious bacon only to find out that’s gone cold? Here’s when you probably start thinking about how to keep bacon warm, just like the one from your favorite breakfast joint. No worries, we’ll be telling you just how you can achieve this right … Read more

Different Types Of French Fries

Types Of French Fries

Are you a lover of French fries? Who isn’t! Fries are world-famous for accompanying your cheeseburgers, but these days, they go with nearly everything, and did you know there are many different types of French fries! Fries can even be served as a main course and are consumed by kids of all ages, so it’s … Read more

Types of Tortillas

Types of Tortillas

If you are a fan of Mexican food, you will love this article as we explore the different types of tortillas. And just who can say no to taco night or a delicious wrapped burrito filled witwh chicken and black beans, right! A key element of these and other delicious recipes is a good tortilla, … Read more

How to Dice Cucumber

Learn how to dice cucumber and make your life in the kitchen a lot easier.

Don’t you love dishes like cucumber couscous salad, cucumber herb salad, tuna and bean salad, Tabbouleh salad, or Thai crab salad phyllo cups? We hear you, and you know what all those recipes have in common? Diced cucumbers! If you use cucumbers in the kitchen, then learning how to chop cucumbers is an essential ability … Read more