Magazine Storage

Are you looking for the correct type of magazine storage? If you are an avid magazine, book, or file collector, you probably understand the need for reading material storage. Just thinking about piles and piles of magazines lying all over the place makes us cringe; the reason why we’ll be talking about magazine storage.

With the right magazine rack, you can reduce desktop clutter to almost zero, saving you space and cleaning your desktop. And depending on the location, it then becomes an item that effortlessly works with the rest of your décor.

With so many options, it can be a bit troublesome knowing what to choose; which storage option best adapts to your needs, you probably wonder. The reason why we are here is to help and point you in the right direction by showing you some of the best magazine storage options and more helpful tips.

Magazine Storage FAQ’s

How do you store magazines?

Neatly stack them into a pile or store them in bins, crates, or baskets. Or create long-term storage by utilizing file holders. In addition, you can cut out the helpful information from magazines you may not need to save and organize them in a binder for future use. Be sure to recycle issues you don’t need.

How do you store and preserve magazines?

To preserve the magazine in the future, it is recommended to store them in an archival plastic sleeve. Both archival tape and plastic sleeves should be available through an art supply store.


  • Archival plastic bags
  • Packing paper
  • Cardboard
  • Storage containers
  1. Slide a piece of plain packing paper between the front cover and the first page, then wrap it around in between the back cover and the back page to prevent the magazine pages from sticking together. Purchase a roll of packing paper to make the process easier if many magazines are to be stored.
  2. Seal the magazine in an archival plastic bag to prevent damage.
  3. Place the magazines in the storage container, alternating the spines for ease of storage.
  4. Place a piece of cardboard between each magazine to prevent warping.
  5. Cover the container or place it in a safe place, such as a filing cabinet, to prevent objects from falling into it.

How do I use magazine files?

Magazine holders can be used in different ways to make your life more organized.

  • Veggie holder. Use magazine holders to keep your onions, potatoes, and other dark-loving veggies from rolling around and getting forgotten behind a bag of chips.
  • Extra toilet paper holder. Different toilet paper’s never really that attractive to display, but if you don’t have the space in your bathroom cabinets to store it.
  • Curling iron holder. Grab a decorative magazine holder in a pattern you love and use it to store your curling irons when not in use.
  • You are a cutting board holder. Always find just which cutting board you’re looking for by attaching a magazine holder to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door.
  • Mail sorter. Keep your mail organized by having a magazine holder installed for every household member who receives mail.
  • Wireless router hider. Hide an ugly wireless router discreetly with a decorative magazine holder.

What is a magazine holder called?

  • Magazine stand
  • Display rack
  • Display shelf
  • Display stand

What aspect should you keep in mind when choosing a magazine holder?

  1. Size and Capacity. You want to make sure the rack will accommodate a reasonable number of things based on how much you order or collect magazines or newspapers within a period.
  2. Design. When selecting a shelf for your home, you may consider picking a single-slot option or anything that integrates with your room’s general decoration.
  3. Materials. Magazine shelves come in a vast range of finishes. Hardwood, plastic, metal, and even other alternatives like wire are popular choices.
  4. Location. You can use magazine racks for home or office. Although a magazine shelf is typically smaller, it can act as a showpiece alongside a couch or futon. The frames tend to be more functional and more significant for commercial or educational settings. Consider where you will be using the magazine rack when reviewing your options.

Magazine Storage

Desktop Book Shelf Magazine

Beautiful decorative magazine rack can be placed in the office, school, lounge, tea room, living room, etc.

Surface after plating always exudes elegant luster. It can be used with other furniture or items to become a great assistant for indoor photography and easy to get beautiful photos.

It can store magazines, newspapers, documents, mail, and other items, great organizational tools, great for home, office, waiting rooms, breakrooms, etc.

magazine storage: Desktop Book Shelf Magazine


  • Decorative
  • 9 Slot Organizer
  • Nordic-style magazine rack

Roll Dispenser with Storage Shelf Reserve

X-cosrack toilet paper could hold six rolls and dispenses one, reserved for storing extra toilet papers out of the cupboard. Toilet tissue holder with a top shelf for holding cell phones, tablets, wet wipes, and other small items to keep your actual possession safe while handling your important business.

The bottom wire basket not only could store up to 4-6 rolls of toilet paper but also could hold books, magazines, newspapers, and other bathroom reading material.

You can place it anywhere, perfect for small bathrooms, large bathrooms, apartments, or dorms. The free-standing design also lets you move quickly to the desired location.

magazine storage: Roll Dispenser with Storage Shelf Reserve


  • Metal
  • Free Standing
  • Moveable

Chic Storage for Magazines

The minimalist design blends seamlessly into an elegant, modern room. The sleek, smooth lines and matte black finish add sophistication and style without too much visual space.

The gently curved sides add a touch of grace to this functional organizer, which holds magazines, newspapers, mail, periodicals, records, and more with ease.

The high-quality finish on the organizer prevents scratches, chips, tears, and snags.

magazine storage: Chic Storage for Magazines


  • Smooth welds
  • Steel
  • Multi-functional

Wall Mount Magazine Holder Rack

The wired basket hangs easily to any open wall space to provide additional storage space. It is made of rust-resistant, durable steel with a bronze finish for years of quality use.

Store your magazines, newspapers, books, and other bathroom reading material in one convenient place to make organization a breeze. Perfect for small spaces to keep clutter off the floor.

magazine storage: Wall Mount Magazine Holder Rack


  • Steel-wire
  • Wall-mount design
  • Compact

Pocket Magazine Rack

Pocket Magazine Rack creates an eye-catching, clutter-free wall display of magazines, journals, and bulletins in lobbies and common areas. Each pocket holds 3/4″ of printed materials or up to 5 lbs.

A durable powder coat finish on the commercial-grade steel frame helps resist chipping or scratching, while the steel mesh design promotes airflow to reduce dust buildup.

Ideal for use in private offices, collaborative spaces, hospitality areas, lobbies, libraries, classrooms.

magazine storage: Wall Mount Magazine Holder Rack


  • Ten pocket
  • Wall display
  • Long-lasting

Wide 4 Pocket Magazine Rack

This Wide magazine and book rack is the ideal solution for quick and easy access to all of your favorite reading materials.

This Extra Wide 4 pockets bookshelf holds up to 5.52 lbs of material per pocket. This Wide magazine rack lets you stand books and magazines upright, so finding just the right choice is a breeze.

The multi-level design offers plenty of book storage space and keeps Literature in easy view.

magazine storage: Pocket Magazine Rack


  • Large capacity
  • Easy visibility

Acrylic Clear Magazine Holder

A transparent acrylic magazine holder or wastebasket with handles and feet makes it easy so you can see what’s inside. Please complete most of your favorite magazines, books, and files by storing them in the right place. Now you can keep all your reading material in the right place.

magazine storage: Acrylic Clear Magazine Holder


  • Acrylic
  • Open-top
  • Rectangular

Additional Tips on Magazine Storage

  • Use a filing cabinet for ease of cataloging and storing your magazines.
  • A fireproof or fire-safe cabinet might be the best option for costly collections.
  • Keep all boxes and storage bins labeled to make finding specific magazines easier.
  • Damage can occur from unexpected events. Make sure to keep your magazines in a relaxed, safe environment that is free from moisture.
  • If the boxes or cabinet is on the bottom floor, use small two-by-fours or a metal lift to keep the magazines safe from a household flood.
  • Keep the newspaper from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the newspaper to fade and yellowing on the paper.

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