Stuffed Animal Storage

When you are a parent, you are more than likely to have a pretty sizable collection of stuffed animals. The problem with stuffed animals is that they can take up a lot of space and need proper storage. The reason why today, we’ll be tackling stuffed animal storage ideas and more.

Stuffed animals are great, they are an essential childhood memory and are also decorative, and these can add a lot of color to a room. And you probably want to preserve them for your children’s children, so what do you do? That’s right; you get them the best-stuffed animal storage possible.

With so many options, it can become quite challenging knowing how to go about it. So we are here to help and point you in the right direction by showing you some of the best-stuffed animal storage and more beneficial tips so you can make the most out of your stuffed animal collection.

Stuffed Animal Storage FAQ’s

How do you store a lot of stuffed animals?

There are different ways in which you can keep your stuffed animals stored:

Display them

This is a good option for adults who still enjoy seeing their favorite teddy bear sitting nearby. Displaying your stuffed animal collection using glass-front shelves or freestanding cases can keep them protected while keeping their insight.

Air-tight storage bins

Perhaps you don’t mind not seeing the stuffed animals but still want them protected while in storage. Air-tight storage bins are your best bet, as these will ensure that bugs, dust, and dirt won’t collect onto your stuffed animals.
You can keep these storage bins under your bed or down in your basement. If you place them in your basement, try to keep them off the floor in case of any flooding.

Wrap them

By wrapping each stuffed animal in acid-free tissue paper or acid-free boxes, you can preserve the stuffed animals’ life when they are not on display or in use. To prevent matted fur, try using more than one box to put the stuffed animals in. They should spring back to life and be ready for play or decoration when the time is right again.

Do vacuum storage bags work for stuffed animals?

If you don’t have much space for storing stuffed animals long-term, use space bags. It is a form of vacuum packing that saves a lot of space. Put as many toys as you can and suck the air out of the bag with a vacuum cleaner.
Because this method can squish and misshape stuffing, vacuum bags aren’t recommended for precious stuffed animals or antique plush toys, as they could be damaged by the process.

Can you store stuffed animals in plastic bags?

Plastic storage bins are preferable. Lidded plastic totes are ideal for organizing and storing stuffed toys because they can be stacked on top of each other, keep out pests that could damage the animals, and allow airflow inside, which prevents mold and mildew growth.
You can further prevent mold and mildew problems by storing the bins in a dry location. To avoid damage and to crushed fur, don’t overstuff the bins.

How do you organize stuffed toys?

  • You can use over-the-door shoe organizers or hanging closet organizers to store stuffed animals and keep them organized. Over-the-door organizers are generally better for smaller toys, whereas closet organizers will hold larger stuffed animals.
  • Install a curtain rod on the wall. If your kids want their stuffed animals by the bed all the time, here is an easy solution. Install a curtain rod on the wall by the bed. Then, squeeze in the stuffed animals in the space between the wall and the rod.
  • Put them into a hanging mesh net. Mesh net storage containers are very cheap and efficient. The only downside is that these containers can not handle heavy items.
  • Use laundry hampers. Laundry hampers are excellent storage for stuffed animals too. They work just like baskets or buckets.
  • Invest in a toy chest or bench. Here’s multipurpose storage for stuffed animals; get a wooden storage chest that can double as a bench.
  • Make a toy hammock. You can store and display stuffed animals by stuffing them in a toy hammock. You can use an actual hammock or make one yourself.
  • Display in shelves. If you have a handful of good-looking stuffed toys that are good enough for production, why not have them displayed on shelves.

Stuffed Animal Storage

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

This is a suitable home for a considerable amount of stuffed animals your kids love. It will turn the stuffed animal chaos into functional storage that works just like a bean bag chair, ideal for reading, snuggling, or lounging.

It is extra-large at 38″ and can hold up to 100 various size stuffed animals. This stuffed animal storage bag is made of strong, soft, and comfortable cotton canvas with reinforced seams that are top stitched, providing a more excellent finished look.

It also has a handle on top to ease pulling around and moving, which is great for busy kids.

stuffed animal storage: Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag


  • Premium Cotton
  • Generous size
  • Kids friendly design

Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock

A stuffed animal hammock that kids love. Keep the stuffed animal collection on display but out of the way.

The toy net keeps stuffed animals off the floor. Kids room organizers and storage made easy. Hang storage net up and out of the way in the corner of the room.

Jumbo toy hammock for stuffed animals spans 72 x 50 x 50 inches in a triangle in the room corner.

stuffed animal storage: Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock


  • Strong elastic
  • Durable netting
  • Does not rip

Stuffed Animal Storage Mesh Hanging Storage

4 tier hanging mesh storage closet toys organizer, Made of high-quality nylon mesh, solid and soft, not easily deformed, more durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Creative collapsible design, easy to fold when not use, saving space, help to keep your room tidy. A versatile storage organizer, you can hang it in the closet, kids room, game room, bathroom, laundry, or even garage area.

Mesh toy storage is suitable for kids to put away their small toys; the bright color can be a nice decoration of children’s house.

stuffed animal storage: Stuffed Animal Storage Mesh Hanging Storage


  • Portable
  • Strong and soft
  • Nylon mesh

Owl Toy Chest Box Baskets

Adorable owl design keeps baby’s toy mess manageable, easy for children to get toys out, and learning how to put back toys when done playing.

Wire-Framed for stability, stiff enough sides to contain anything you need. The firm handles on both ends make it easy to carry around.

Tote- Water Proof PE Coating for bath toys storage makes it very sturdy and easy to clean.

stuffed animal storage: Owl Toy Chest Box Baskets


  • Jute
  • Rectangular
  • Sturdy Construction

Hanging Storage Organizer

Keep rooms organized, clean, and items off of the floor. Quick and easy way to create organized hanging space. Fits standard home interior doors.

Elegant and straightforward decorative design with neutral soft gray color to match more room décor. It is made with sturdy metal door hooks, reinforced pocket bins, and non-woven breathable fabric.

stuffed animal storage: Hanging Storage Organizer


  • Over The Door
  • 4 Compartments
  • Versatile

The ZOO, Safe

THE ZOO is durable and can hold 90 or more toys. This is the Original ZOO.

Easy to assemble with instructions supported with video. With flexible bars that make clearing up fun.

It is not free-standing and must be secured using the wall anchors and screws provided.

stuffed animal storage: The ZOO, Safe


  • Flexible Bars
  • Durable materials
  • Attach to wall

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