Types of Beds

Has the time come to replace your bed with a new one? We hear you! It sounds like you could use different types of beds options. Once you have decided to go shopping for a new bed, you have a lot more options than whether to get a queen or a king. The reason why we’ll be telling you all about different types of beds.

A bed is among the essential pieces of furniture you’ll ever buy. It is mighty important to take this decision seriously as you won’t only want to unwind and relax but also make sure your bed provides a quality sleep. Also equally important is the style of mattress you choose, which will influence it’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

With several options available, it can become overwhelming to identify exactly what would work for you. So we are here to help and point you in the right direction by showing you different types of beds for your consideration.

Types of Beds FAQ’s

What is the most popular type of bed?

  • Out of all the types of beds, one of the most popular styles is the platform bed. Platform beds come in a wide range of styles and offer a sleek, low-profile look. You can easily spot a platform bed by its flat base; a platform bed features a mattress on a wooden platform. You won’t see any open space under the bed, and you won’t see any bare metal from the frame.
  • Platform beds feature a mattress on top of a wooden platform. You won’t see any open space under the bed, and you won’t see any bare metal from the frame.
  • Platform beds lend an air of luxury to your room. You’ll feel like a king sitting atop your royal bed. Of course, the downside is that platform beds take up quite a bit of space. If you have a small room, you might not be able to accommodate a platform bed.

Is a full-size bed the same as a double?

Yes, full-size beds and double beds are the same things. Both terms refer to mattresses measuring 54 inches by 75 inches.
A full mattress is 15″ wider than a twin bed but the same length. Double and full can still be used interchangeably, but double is an older term, and mattress manufacturers have mostly replaced it with the word full. Mattress Firm also carries futons that vary in thickness and sit on a full-size bed frame.

What is the difference between choosing the size of beds versus mattresses?

There’s no difference. Bed and mattress are terms used interchangeably, but the bed can sometimes suggest a set instead of a single mattress. The term bed could mean a mattress and box spring, bed frame, box spring, and headboard.

What types of bed sizes are there?

California King Mattress Size

California king-size mattresses take approximately four inches of width from a conventional king-size bed and add it to their overall length. Perfect for tall sleepers, especially those over six feet, who need a longer mattress to sleep comfortably.

King Mattress Size

Offering a luxurious amount of space, king mattress sizes give couples the equivalent of a twin XL mattress size to themselves. King-size beds sit atop two twin box springs pushed together to make maneuvering an entire king bed into a room much easier.

Queen Mattress Size

Queen bed size dimensions are the most popular because they are perhaps the most versatile bed size. Queen mattresses give sleepers enough space to sleep comfortably while still fitting in smaller bedrooms.

Full Mattress Size

Full-size mattresses provide a good compromise between twin and queen-size mattresses. A full bed size offers a good amount of space for single sleepers and is a good bed size option for a guest bedroom.

Twin XL Mattress Size

As the standard bed size for college dorm rooms, a twin XL mattress gives students room to stretch out but doesn’t offer any more width than a conventional twin-size mattress.

Twin Mattress Size

Twin mattresses, also known as single mattresses, are slim in size, making them easy to fit side by side in shared kids’ bedrooms or stacked like bunk beds. Twin beds are the size most kids sleep on through childhood and are easy to move around.

Crib Mattress Size

For safety reasons, crib mattresses are firmer than adult mattresses and most commonly foam or innerspring mattresses.

What type of beds is in trend?

A round-up of the most beds right now includes:

  1. Murphy wall beds help you maximize your space by clearing up the square footage that your mattress takes up. The mattress lifts and is stored against the wall when not in use. When the mattress is put away, the bed looks like a cabinet.
  2. Platform beds feature a mattress on top of a wooden platform. You won’t see any open space under the bed, and you won’t see any bare metal from the frame.
  3. Sleigh beds look exactly like they sound: Like sleighs. The headboard is high and curves back, while the footboard is also higher than usual but curves forward. The mattress is higher than most mattresses.
  4. A storage bed creates functional space under your bed for storage. The bed looks like a stylish platform bed, but it provides hidden storage to help you reduce clutter in the room.
  5. Canopy beds are popular choices for those looking to create a sophisticated look, as well. They feature a traditional wooden frame and headboard, except a frame extend up from the footboard and headboard.

What are beds with footboards called?

Sleigh beds look exactly how they sound, like a sleigh. These have scrolled heads and footboards made from heavy wood. They can be made from various materials that include aluminum, iron, and steel, though not as curved as wood.

What types of beds is best for when you’re looking for extra spaces?

  • Daybed: This multifunctional option doubles as a sofa and is meant to be placed against a wall. The headboard and footboard of a daybed act as the sofa arms, and some styles also have a sideboard that stands in for a sofa back.
  • Futon: A traditional Japanese futon is a malleable mattress laid directly on the floor for comfortable sleeping. Modern iterations of the classic futon look more like simple, low-to-the-ground sofas with cushioned upholstery perfect for lounging.
  • Convertible: If you want to become a master of a multifunctional space, consider convertible furniture that can be transformed from comfy seating into a flatbed. The back or front panels on convertible furniture fold out for restful sleeping. They can come in the form of a sofa, chair, ottoman, and sectional.

What are suitable bed types for kids?

  • Bunk Bed: A kids’ favorite, bunk beds make the most of the space by stacking two beds on top of each other. The top bunk is accessible by a built-in ladder or miniature staircase.
  • Loft: Elevated above the ground and accessible by ladder, loft beds have room beneath them that can be used as a workspace, a lounge area, or additional storage.
  • Trundle: A sleepover signature, trundle beds have a large under-bed drawer that slides out fully to fit an entire second mattress.

Types of Beds

Murphy Bed Queen Size

This Murphy Bed Kit includes professional-grade gas pistons and an all-in-one pivot plate for faster setup, less measuring, and more reliable performance than competitors.
Easy-to-follow, crystal clear instructions (on paper, PDF, and online videos) are included so you can quickly build a beautiful Murphy Bed on the weekend.

All you need are essential woodworking tools, wood from the hardware store, and a mattress.

types of beds: Murphy Bed Queen Size


  • Bed kit
  • Hardware
  • Queen

Metal Platform Bed

With a clean and polished silhouette, durable structure, reliable mattress platform, and practically boundless under-bed storage space, this classic foundation hits all the marks for practical mattress support.

Easily attach this frame to your standard-sized headboard using the predrilled holes in two of the legs; headboard not included.

Reliable wood slats are designed to support your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress without a box spring.

types of beds: Metal Platform Bed


  • King
  • Alloy Steel
  • Black

Queen Size Platform Bed

This upholstered platform bed is fully wrapped in soft PU leather for ultimate comfort and looks and features a slatted base.

Mid supporting metal rail with two height-adjustable metal legs and the movable headboard can be adjusted to two heights.

This platform bed features a wooden slat support system eliminating the need for a box spring while creating a lasting foundation for both innerspring and memory foam mattresses.

types of beds: Queen Size Platform Bed


  • Leather
  • Queen
  • Black and White

Storage Bed with 6 Drawers

This stylish Queen Platform Storage Bed has six spacious drawers, which are ideal for storing bed linens, clothes, and, in particular, socks.

Drawers roll on metal roller hardware for a smooth operation. Coordinate with the matching Double / Queen Headboard.

Metal slides with safety stop for smooth drawer opening and closing; profiled MDF top and molding.

types of beds: Storage Bed with 6 Drawers


  • Queen
  • Wood
  • Laminate finish

Metal Canopy Platform Bed

This beautifully crafted piece is made with an attractive, matte finish and bold lines that’ll add a glamorous touch to your bedroom without the luxury price tag.

A solid steel canopy framework is durably designed and made for long-lasting, squeak-free use.

Sturdy metal slats support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress without the need for a box spring.

types of beds: Metal Canopy Platform Bed


  • Queen
  • Allow steel
  • Black